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Powering Creativity on the Blockchain
Creative Mint™ is building a platform to launch and accelerate the growth of purpose-driven brands. Our intention is to democratize and decentralize creative intellectual property (“IP”) rights transactions by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. The Creative Mint Platform will contribute directly to the success of each Creative and brand development partner by facilitating security token offerings (“Token Offerings”) of Creative Currency™, entitling the holders to share in the royalties and revenue derived from the underlying IP. Creative Mint is not currently raising capital.

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The Creative Mint Platform can be applied to any creative industry—fine arts, textiles, winemaking, and 3D printing, to name a few—and the opportunity is only limited by the boundaries of imagination. By fueling creativity, the Creative Mint Platform promotes business development, economic prosperity, and community cohesion and engagement.

Token Offering (Withdrawn)

Creative Mint tokens (symbol “CMNT”) are ERC20 security tokens that power the Creative Mint Platform, offering a fully tokenized and decentralized marketplace for purpose-driven brands to be funded and supported by like-minded investors who want to contribute to their success.



TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000




HARD CAP: 55,000,000 CMNTs

LOCK UP: Tokens purchased by investors will be locked up for one year and one day from the date of purchase. Tokens purchased by the Team will be locked up until March 2, 2020, which is one year and one day it is currently anticipated that a CMNT can be purchased in the STO.


Use of Proceeds

Some of the proceeds of the Token Offering will be used to finance the operations of the Creative Mint Platform and the resources shared by the brand ecosystems. The balance of the proceeds will be used to germinate purpose-driven brands with the goal of growing some to the point that they are ready to launch Token Offerings on the Creative Mint Platform.

The Company anticipates it will allocate the Token Offering proceeds as follows:

  • 33% for germinating Brand Ecosystem media and merchandise
  • 33% for marketing and cultivating the engaged and loyal Brand Ecosystem communities
  • 14% for talent acquisition
  • 10% to complete and enhance the Creative Mint Platform
  • 10% for administrative expenses and professional services


Creative Mint intends to have a fully operational proof-of-concept platform that demonstrates all of the features and functionality of the enterprise version before it seeks funding pursuant to its Token Offering. The Company anticipates completing its pre-Token Offering by May 30, 2019. While it is preparing for and during the CMNT Token Offering, Creative Mint will germinate the initial brand ecosystems and preparing them for their own Token Offerings.


The Creative Mint Platform is a cloud-based website and enterprise application that will be available to users 24/7, 365 days per year. It is being designed responsively with cross-browser functionality in mind and is being developed to ensure that it is both mobile and desktop-friendly. All pages will be optimized to keep load times to a minimum and offer the ideal user experience.


Creative Mint utilizes the latest in security technology to safeguard its data and infrastructure in compliance with industry standards.


Creative Mint’s fully specified interactive gateway offers opportunities for select third-party integration and partner processes.


Our sophisticated enterprise platform includes a highly scalable API service.


Our Smart Contracts use established best-practice architectural patterns.


Our KYC/AML and Accreditation partners ensure our investors comply with all securities regulations.

Executive Team

Rana DiOrio
CEO & Co-founder

Rana DiOrio is an intrepid force for empowerment and positive change. Her purpose is to help people maximize their potential, and she continues to expand upon that mission across her diverse and highly successful career.

As a corporate and securities attorney, tech-sector investment banker, investor, advisory board member, award-winning author, and children’s media entrepreneur, Rana has catalyzed the financial, operational, and cultural growth of organizations for twenty-seven years. She’s supported hundreds of management teams in achieving their goals, including raising equity and debt capital, acquiring businesses and assets, hiring key employees, developing creative talent, and designing and executing strategic plans. Now she is focused on fostering kindness in the next generation and helping Creatives who make this possible to realize the full potential of their work.

Oliver Wolfe

An operations, marketing and customer experience specialist who helps companies implement goal-oriented tactics throughout their organization. Oliver understands the universal truth that your product only matters if it matters to your customers—the humans who will use what you create.

ICO Advisors

Jonathan Chen

Jonathan Chen is a seasoned end-to-end value builder with over seven years of product management and marketing experience. He specializes in bridging the gap between technology, products, and people by creating authentic experiences, one lasting impression at a time. Jonathan strongly believes in the power of human connection and the exponential results gained through true partnerships.

Steven Hatzakis

Steven Hatzakis is a FinTech and FinServ industry researcher and consultant with 20 years experience. In addition to his role as the Global Director of Research, Forex & Crypto at, Steven has authored over 1000 industry news articles and has published research for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), and first wrote about cryptocurrency market inefficiencies in 2013. Steven is a CFTC- registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and holds a Series 3 NFA License.

David Saxton

David Saxton is the founder of Net1, Inc., the company that developed and patented the original iteration of blockchain technology in 1994- patent awarded in 1997. The patent filing was prepared and submitted by the law firm Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P. He is the first person to have sent a secure electronic USD transaction via the Internet in cooperation with Bank One (acquired by JP Morgan Chase in 2004). His contribution has been featured in the Business Week cover story “The Future of Money” and American Banker. He has senior level experience in private equity with Dinan and Company, where his clients included The Jordan Company, William E. Simon and Sons and Welsh, Carson, Anderson and Stowe. His early experience includes retail and institutional investment advisory with major Wall Street firms. David has focused nearly two decades of experience in network and network software technology.

Ben Way

Ben Way is a world-renowned startup technologist, inventor, and serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He has advised some of the world’s leading institutions, including the White House. He is a best-selling author and a recipient of the Millennium Entrepreneur of the Year award, and he was named a top-50 UK influencer in 2016. His crypto credentials are wide and range from advising Tradehill founders in 2011 to strategizing on the rollout of the largest Bitcoin mining operation in San Francisco.


Jaclyn Lindsey

Jaclyn Lindsey is the Cofounder and CEO of, where she currently leads the drive to leverage science and technology to create a scalable model for social change in communities and workplaces. Before she launched, she spent several years as the director for key relationships for charity: water. With more than ten years in the NGO space, including the better part of a decade focused on fund-raising, she brings to the table a firm belief that kindness can solve many of the world’s biggest problems. Always driving innovation and seeking to learn from the world around her, Jaclyn is also a board member to Children in Conflict and an advisor to Expectful.

Suzanne Passalacqua

Suzanne Passalacqua is driven to serve virtuous, profitable objectives for families, foundations, and businesses. She has created and executed alliances and transactions, corporate strategies, operations, and capital creation and propagation. Having invested in and advised startups to Fortune 50 companies to family offices, her goal is to gracefully and insightfully navigate complex dynamics to an optimal outcome.

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